Monday, 12 October 2015

My summer Holidays!

Hi everybody!

I am going to talk about: My summer Holidays, in Altafulla, Summer school from Sant Andreu Cub, Saldes and Tibidabo.

First I went to a summer school of Sant Andreu Club. I have met many people. I't was very fun!

Then I went, to Altafulla with my granmother, my sister and with my two cosins for 3 weeks.

After that I went to Saldes, with Oriol and Martí, my friends. In the house there were two dogs: Lola and Nuc. And a little dog that culd'nt see or hear anithing:(                     
 They was very fun! :)

Finally I went to Tibidabo. I met Nazaret! And later my uncle, my aunt and my cousin come. I was all the day. I rode the "Muntanya Russa" also in the "Hurakan"... It was very fun!

See you later alligator!   

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