Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Travel to Ireland and Our Graduation - My Last Post

Hi Guys!

Resultado de imagen de Eso escola ramon llullThis is my last post so I will do a summary, I will miss some of my classmates, why? because some people for personaly problems can't come to our school and they will change of school.
I think it is a good new experience for the future, but now I will talk about Ireland.

Resultado de imagen de st mary's school mullaghbawnIt was beautiful place and the people it was so kind I love it this part, the hotel and the school was so cool I made some friends like Cliodhna and Cork and more but I have a bad memory with the names, It is place where you can see a lot of green. 
The kitchen it was very well, one day we lunch nuggets with chips and if you wnated you can have some pasta.
Resultado de imagen de st mary's school mullaghbawn