Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The trip to Irelnad ( my last post)


Hello everyone!!! this is my last post 😢  and I going to tell you the trip of ireland.


Ireland was fantastic and I want to go again!

Resultat d'imatges de tí chulainn hotel the hotel it was too fantastic there was a lot of green things, a lot of trees ...

Resultat d'imatges de school of mullaghbawn the school of mullaghbawn (st. Marry's school) was very lovely, I like this school, because the playgraunds are very very big, bigger than our playgrounds!!!

Imatge relacionada  look at that!  Resultat d'imatges de school of mullaghbawn playground 

the teahers were very kind.
We made a lot of friends! One of my frieds was called  Aoife the name is very strange!😵

There were a lot of cows, horses, a lot of animals!!!  🐴🐮🐑
Resultat d'imatges de paisajes con animales de irlanda   Resultat d'imatges de paisajes con animales de irlanda  Imatge relacionada

That's all 
bye bye!!!

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