Wednesday, 14 June 2017


This is my last post. So I’m going to tell you some things that I have made a little time ago ( 1 or 2 weeks ).


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In Ireland i did a lot of friends and a boyfriend too. He's name is Tiernan I love him and he loves me too.Resultat d'imatges de love

Ireland is very beautiful all is green and amazing, I would like to live there and go to school there and eat there...well do everything there 😋

We did a disco too and we all danced.We did a lot of excursions too. Resultat d'imatges de disco

Well now we can't see each other so we xat in snapchat
Resultat d'imatges de snapchat

Resultat d'imatges de educacio secundaria obligatoriaThis year I finish primary and I start ESO,  I'm very exited because I will have a mobile phone I will go to the gym and go alone on the street.

I'm very happy of this but a little sad beacuse I'ts my last post. It doesn't matter because in 3 and 4 of ESO we will do Blogger again.
Resultat d'imatges de Happy

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