Wednesday, 18 November 2015



Hello everybody!
Last 28 October we Skyped  with a very special animal: Stubby!!!
This is the information I learned

  1. Stubby is a girl.
  2. She can't swim very well.
  3. Stubby have short flippers.
  4. Stubby have an infection.
  5. Subby likes sardines.
  6. Stubby likes fish.
  7. The penguins can't fly.
  8. The most inportant senses are to see and to hear.
  9. Penguins can live 15-20 years.
  10. She lives in Sancobbo, Sancobbo is a hospital for the penguins.
  11. The penguins eat fish, krill and squid.
  12. Their predators are white wale, seals and sharks.
  13. The water of the penguins arepolludet.

Bye bye!

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