Tuesday, 12 January 2016



  • The presenter is Abbie  a marine biologist. She works in the Seychelles in Africa.
  • 75% is water on Earth.
  • Corals or coral reefs are animals. Fishes live in the corals. Corals are similar to jellyfish. They live in colonies. Fishes hide in corals when they are scared. In Australia there the Great Coral Reef. People go to the reefs to fish and to do snorkelling.
  • Dolphins eat sardines. The blue whale is the biggest creature in the world, bigger than dinosaurs. Whales eat krill. They have got a big mouth, especially the humpback whale. Spinner dolphins can spin 8 times in 1 second.
  • Turtles are reptiles. They breathe air. They lay their eggs in the same beach where they were born. They eat jellyfish and seagrass.

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