Wednesday, 5 October 2016

My vacations -Alessandra


                               My Vacations!

  My vacations were very good, I went to Venezuela in christmas but my grandfather got sick so i staid a bit more... 4 months. well, apart from that i had really good vacations! I went to my favorite place in Venezuela, El Hatillo is a really beautiful place, it has big areas to run and play, but Venezuela is in a bad situation so there's not really much to eat... But there's chicha! a typical drink from there. 

I also went to the beach. The beach's name is Marina Grande and it's in la Guaira, an all-beach state known for having beachs and mountains in the same place, having the biggest and tallest mountan in the capital Caracas and La Guaira. 

Well that's pretty much what i did. I hope you liked!


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