Saturday, 26 March 2016


Hi everyone !!!
What are you  gonna do in Easter???

I'm gonna go to my town
I love it, it's very cool because it's on a mountain.

Thinks that I'll will do =

- I'm gonna do a hut on a tree with my friends

- Then I'm gonna ride by bike on the rock streets

- Me and my friends : Laia, Marta, Lluna, Sara, Ahlam, Ajar i Judit
   we harvest ''esparrecs'', and then we are gonna do a ''esparrecs'' omelette.

- And after we are gonna do a football match with my friends.

Thinks that I'll would do         

- I'm not gonna swim in the swimming pool.

- I'm not gonna do the Easter egg.

- I'm not gonna study 


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