Sunday, 18 September 2016


I had a great holidays!
I went to Altafulla, with my family 3 weeks.
In Altafulla I went to the beach  and in the swimming pool. I saw Sònia, Oriol and Mari.
And I fished a crab.

Then I went to a camping. In the camping was a boucing bed. I made alot of friends. In the camping also was: a swimming pool, a river. The river was very cold!!!!
We do Ràfting.

I't was very cool!!!!

Also I went to Osca with my family and a friends. We reache a summit.
I`t was a donkey.
We go to a cave. In the cave we saw and touch bear bones. The bones had  30.000 years!!!!!

And we went to El Museu de les Il·lusions.


Also I do the summer homework!!
I't was a very Super Fantastic Summer!!

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