Sunday, 18 September 2016

Summer Holidays

In my summer holidays i went in many places in Spain.

-I went to my town Molinos in Teruel,it's a big town, in molinos i play more spotrs for example fronton, football, handball and badminton.In molinos yo can do a more of thinks for example in the morning you coul swim in a  swimming pool.In the afternoond i went to a one place on you can play football ftonton and tennis. ç
Resultado de imagen de molinos teruel
-I went to my other town Cubla in Teruel to. In Cubla, no i cold to many things.
the things but i can do is a some excursions , play tomy friends on  a  byke and play to my frends of football, fronton. In the nights i play with my friends.
Resultado de imagen de cubla teruel
-I went to port aventurais a fairground with many attractions, the moust know attractions are 
2-Furius baco
3-Dragon khan
4-Urakan kondor
This attractions are the moust famous in port avetura.

In 2017 are ferrari land ,ferrarari land is a park in port aventura, ferrari land in ferrari land are ferrari cars, acelerador vertical and more many attractions.

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