Thursday, 23 March 2017

My opinion about travel agency project

Hello, I´m going to talk about my opinion of my prensentation of Travel Agency.
In Clil Zone, everyone of the class present a Travel Agency Project.
For me the presentation is good, my group has worked well, your interest is good everyone the group liked the opinion to visit USA, but we can know about other places we don´t know for example:USA.

Now, I explain about the model of the presentation and the organization of the tour.
About the presentation, I think but the information in google is very scientific but they speak in other language, the searched in internet I think but the other companions search other things.

The acommodation is good but the style of the hotel in USA and the price don´t worry but we don´t pay this only is a presentation is not real.

The restaurant too, but the food is very delicious and the style but the restaurants is prepare but we travel in all USA and the food can not be lacking.

The tourist places is beatiful is modern and very tall for example Empire State, it is very famous and very expensive the entrace but other places is not expensive for example: Central Park etc...

The currency is very strange but is not the sample of this The "Euro" but in all USA is the "American Dollar" and more expensive that the Euro.

The language sometimes is difficult to explain the English but if you get used to it but the other language is Spanish all the people in Barcelona know to speak Spanish.

The we have not done it but we finsh other information for the presentantion, neither the TV ad but we don´t know we just stayed for advance the presentation, the logo neither but we don´t know wich, and the slogan neither but not copy other prentations.

The maps it is easy but show the lines what is the places will visit and the map of our contry the our is USA.

The cities will visit is fantastic but is not expensive and you can enjoy with family and you can relax and stay with school, friends, etc...

Animals not put but we forgot.

The duration of the jorney it is difficult but wich transport will stay and the duration we search in internet and sometimes lie the answers.

The transport it is the airplane and car but don´t pay more and other places is near, the price aproximed of the tour is 378$ but in airplane with the hotel, the shopping, we search what is it the tipical clothes and the ornaments for we.

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