Wednesday, 22 March 2017


This project was about create a trvel agency. Our goal was to do a tour. Our final product was a presentation. And we have to present to the class.

We do a Drive presentation , the route of our was to Africa.
We have to search the accomodation for example: Tamboho. The restaurants for example: The Palm. A turistic pace in Nairobi is the Vasco da Gama. The diferent currecy are: the Metical, the Kwcha, the Shilling, the kenyan shilling and tue Ariary. The diferents lenguages are: Barwe, Africaans, Malagasi, Aasรกx and Swahili.
We do a flayer, a slogan a logao and a TV advertisemet.

The final day we do an oral drive presentation.

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