Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Our Travel Agency Project

The last month In Clil zone we started a Travel Agency project with groups and I went with Mireia, Alejandro and Alex.

First we organizated the project in a Drive presentation, then we choose a place for the travel this part It was a little difficult because everyone wanted to go to diferent places, but we choose 🌍 AFRICA↞ 

The route of the tour was Botswana to Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe to Tanzania and Tanzania to Kenya.
The accommodation was in a hotel in Botswana.
The restaurants were Caravella Portuguese restaurant ( Botswana), Boma restaurant (Zimbabwe),
Akemi revolving restaurant ( Tanzania) and Carnivore restaurant ( Kenya).
The tourist places were the National Cultural History Museum and the tallest statue in Africa
The currencies in Africa are  Botswana Pula (Botswana) / Zimbabwe United States dollar / Tanzania Tanzanian shilling / Kenya Kenyan shilling.
The most spoken languages in Africa are Zulu and Amharic.
The logo is this

The map of Africa ↠ ↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠

The cities you will visit are all beautiful, fantastic, amazing............

The time of the journey is 12 days 

The only transport you are going to go by is a plane

The most popular shoppings are :





The oral presentation was a disaster some people did not know the text
and they just read all the text from the board, and that was very boring.

The drive presentation I think it was right but some slideshows where very wrong and the person who did it didn't know what was reading.I thing I done it well.

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