Wednesday, 22 March 2017



Resultat d'imatges de planeThis month we did a travel agency project ( that we have to invent a travel agency, with all the information of the places, excursions...)

The first that we had to do was to invent the name and the logo. We put the name: S.S.S, and our logo was a ⚪ with a lots of colours.
Later we had to decide were is going to travel, we decide to go to MADAGASCAR! 
We did it with Google Drive, at the tour we did that the hotel that they are going to go is the hotel: Colbert.
We did a flayer with all the information.
At Madagascar we visit the capital: Antananarivo๐Ÿ˜€
The tipical animals at Madagascar are: the zebra,the lions, the lemurs, the girafes and the parrots.
And the thing that I love more of Madagascar is that is full of BAOBABS!

The presentation.

I think that we did it well, but we dosen't do the pag of the money, and the lenguage. I love our presentation, because it was full of colours, and pictures.

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