Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Our Travel Agency

Our Travel Agency Project

Our project whas about creating a travel agency. Our goal was to create a travel agency and do a oral and a Drive presentation. We needed to make a flier, a TV advertisement, a logo, and a slogan but our group couldn't make neither the flier, the logo, the slogan nor the TV ad.

Our Travel Agency's name was ''The Big Bang Travel Agency'' and my group consisted of Nazaret, Solange, Luisa and me (of course). First we needed to organizate everything, what countries we where going and that... We needed to search for the accommodation, restaurants, touristic places, currency, biology, maps, cities and language of each country. 

I didn't feel real comfortable with our presentation, I think we could be more worked

Here's a recording of my feelings... ok no, it's a recording of my opinion about the project.


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