Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Our Travel Agency Project


1. Introduction

Resultado de imagen de Canada
In Clil Zone we did a Travel Agency Project. We had to create a Travel Agency and think about a tour, travel the accomodation and the places you will visit. We decided went to Ottawa in Canada and Toronto in Canada, too. In my group was Gerard and Andrea G.

2. Explain the process

Resultado de imagen de Ottawa

The first we had to do was create a new Google Drive and after talk about we were visit, the activities and the information. Also we have to create a logo (we did it on a paper and we don't have time to pass it to the Google Presentation), The name of the agency our was: AGA Travel and an TV advertisement (we did the TV advertisement but I don't know what happened but it wasn't on my mobilephone and in my laptop). Our Slogan is: AGA Travel Makes You Fly. Also we do the accomodation, restaurants, touristic places, currency, language, flyer + TV ad + logo + slogan, maps, cities, animals, time of journey + transport, excursions, price and shopping.
Resultado de imagen de torontoIt is a lot of things but the most we have do it.

3, Final day 

The oral presentation it was little bit a disater because we read the text and one says the other has to say. The drive presentation I think it was at least good.

4. Personal opinion

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